What is Cloudtouch® technology?

In Sierra, we have a unique way of making yarns.
We created Cloudtouch®, a technology that involves an air-injection process, rigorous fiber selection, and special yarn construction.
The result? Yarns as soft as a cloud that are easier and faster to knit with, requiring fewer yards for each project. And of course, hours of fun.

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  • Soft as a Cloud

    The unique Cloudtouch® technology gives our yarns the maximum softness.

  • Fast & Easy

    Our yarns are easier and faster to knit with. Hours of fun and relaxation are guaranteed.

  • Luxury and Comfort

    We use the finest fibers available to make sure you only knit luxury that you will love to wear.

  • Perfect for your Skin

    Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterian, water resistant, endures in any kind of weather and long Lasting

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Let our customers speak for us

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We ensure the best quality on each of our yarns.

If you're not happy with our products, contact us and we will make it right.

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Pattern Only All Season Cowl

Ready to Begin Your Knitting Journey?

We have beginner kits that are trendy, stylish and user-friendly. They provide the perfect introduction with easy-to-follow patterns and beginner-friendly materials.

Elevate your knitting experience with Sierra Yarns and unleash your full knitting potential today.

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  • Cruelty-Free

    We don't use any fiber that involves animal cruelty in our production. All of our processes are 100% animal friendly.

  • Give Back to Artisans

    We believe in fair trade; therefore, we ensure our artisans in Peru receive a fair price for their work

  • Slow Fashion

    We are committed to slow fashion, we make sure each of our processes are made with care and respect for both people and the planet

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