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In this post I will tell you why in Sierra Yarn we believe that alpaca is the yarn of the future when we talk about an eco-sustainable world, just by giving you 12 amazing facts about this beautiful and hairy animals.

  • Alpacas Do not Damage the pasture when grazing
  • Alpaca Feet do not damage the pasture
  • Alpacas Do not use the land or water destined for food production
  • Alpacas are highly efficient animals
  • The natural colors of Alpaca avoid the dyeing process
  • Alpaca fiber is highly resistant to flames and excellent insulation
  • Alpacas were tamed between the year 400 and 5000 B.C
  • Alpacas Had a strong impact on the ancient peruvian cultures
  • Alpacas are the main source of income for many Andean families
  • Excellent appearance and durability
  • Soft Touch
  • High performance in extreme weather conditions

Hope you find this information useful for the next time you have to choose betwen alpaca and any other fiber!.

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Alpacas are great!

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