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We are a family on a mission to save the earth.

We are part of a peruvian family that has been in the textile industry for many years. Over the past years, as we (the third generation) grew older, we noticed that textile industry is becoming really toxic and is affecting our enviroment.

That´s why we decided to create SierraYarn, to make a change about it using our knowledge and what we had in our hands. Creating natural organic products is what we decided to do and then again, we are lucky to be peruvians and have the most ecofriendly fiber in the world, so we started using the benefits of Alpaca fiber and organic cotton for our yarns and skeins. 


We created Sierra Yarns because we wanted to make the most beautiful, luxuriously soft yarns that helps in our goal to  recover our forests all over the  world. We are committed to plant a tree for every sale.


Knitting for the earth

Despite being satisfied with our results and knowing that organic products already help our environment and ecosystems, we decided to start giving away part of our eco-line sales to environmental organizations so we can make a faster and better improvement against deforestation caused by use of other non eco-friendly fibers.

Join us in the achievement of this goal. Lets help our planet with people who loves to knit, using our resources from the andes.

Our first goal is to plant 1000 trees. Once we achieve it, we are going for a bigger one.

Our Values

Doing the right things

Each one of our everyday decisions are completely guided by a spirit of common good and improvement.

Fairness & Decency

We are comited with our clients and with our suppliers. We take care of our clients orders with utmost care to assure they get to their destination safe and sound. We pay our suppliers the right amount for everything they deliver. We know what hard work means and we pay the correct price for it.

Commitment with the enviroment

All of our eco-line fibers we are made with completely organic and eco friendly products.

All of our products are packed with eco friendly products.

Plus, we use mainly Alpaca, which does not harm the environment, does not harms the animal when sheared, has some beautiful natural colors and helps reduce the use of other damaging fibers