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How to Level Up Your Knitting? Chainette Yarns are the answer

Nowadays fashion has a really competitive market. When it comes to knitting, everyone is looking to get cheaper yarns for their projects, thats why acrylics and synthetic fibers are so popular since they are cheaper and lighter than natural fibers. The goal is to get more yards per pound to achieve a high performance yarn.

Now, here in Sierra Yarns we work (in most of our products) with chainette (chain-plied) construction yarns.

What is a chainette yarn?

A chainette is a yarn consisting of slender plies that are machine knit into a tube resembling an I-cord. Any fiber can be used in a chainette yarn, but when  fibers like merino and alpaca are made into a chainette, a whole new world of tactile pleasure and practically opens up. The fibers have already been “knit” into the tube, which keeps them in place and helps prevent pilling. The “tube” construction also leaves air between the fibers, which creates luxurious fabric with loft, drape, and breathability.

Why most of our yarns are chainette?

The answer is simple, we focus on using 100% NATURAL FIBERS, this fibers have a higher price and weight which makes them high-end luxury products but thanks to chainette yarns we can make our products affordable for everyone

Peru is a natural fiber producer by excellence, we have alpaca, llama, guanaco and vicuña, this last one is the most luxurious fiber in the world so we have to be innovating to incorporate this fibers into the fashion world. Thats where chainette yarns appeared to make high-end products with really competitive weights. This called the attention of big designers and brands such as Free People, Ulla Johnson, Theory, Love Shack, Mara Hoffman, etc.

That being said, chainette yarns are way more fashionable and they help us to have luxury fiber yarns at a competitive price.

Why should you use chainette yarns?

Chainette yarns broke the myth that more yards mean a better performance. Because of the air that the tube construction leaves between the fibers, knitting them results in having a faster progress with the project, that means a better perfomance with one chainette yarn than with various yarns being put together (Something people commonly does to look for width). Using a chainette yarn also means less weight, and as we already said, better texture and modern look.

Thanks to the chainette yarns, the natural fibers are trending right now and are affordable for everyone. We have to remember that natural fibers are ecofriendly and thats our reason to be. Try them out, get out of your comfort zone and you wont regret it!

Check out our Chainette yarns Collection specially made for you :)

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