How to hand dye

Step-by-step Guide - Hand dyeing at home

Hand dyeing your base yarns at home has never been so easy

In today's blog we're going to show you how to dye your own base yarns in the comfort of your home. This process is fun and really stimulating for our creativity

We took some photos of the process we did here in the office to help you do it too and we're going to explain it step by step. We did this process with our Sierra "ready-to-dye" base yarns

Remember that if you have ANY question regarding this process or about our products you can always contact our support team at and they will answer inmediatly.


First of all, we have some advices:

1. Use gloves. you don't want to have dyes all over your hands, it takes time to clean it away (If you're using organic dyes, its easier to clean it away and theres no toxic risk).

2. Use a apron and take care of your shoes. You don't want them splashed.

3. Dye over a washable surface

4. When drying, even though you can do it on a oven or a microwave. We recommend to put the yarns inside a bowl and on boiling water. This way is more ecofriendly.


That being said. Here we go:

1. Soak. Put your Sierra Base yarn in a water container for 20 minutes. (Water has to be cold). Base alpaca yarn soak hand dye

2. Squeeze. Take the yarn out and squeeze it until the dripping is minimum. Then put it on the surface where you're planning to dye it.

base yarn suri alpaca hand dye

3. Pick colors. Choose the dyes of your preference in color or brand.

base yarn suri alpaca hand dye

4. Mix it up. Time to get creative! put the colors all over the base yarn in the order you want depending on the design you're expecting to get. This step is completely up to you.

base yarn suri alpaca hand dye

5. Knead. Take out your breadmaster skills and knead the yarn to help the dyes take on it. 

base yarn suri alpaca hand dye

6. Keep it up. Come on, just a little bit more to knead. make sure the color is taking over the yarn.

base yarn suri alpaca hand dye

7. Feel realized. Take a nice look at what you've done. You're almost there!


8. Clean up the mess. Put the yarn on a bowl and take it to a lavatory. Clean the surface you used. This can also be done after finishing the dyeing process.base yarn suri alpaca hand dye

9. Dry it. Dry the yarn on a water bath. Make sure its really dry

base yarn suri alpaca hand dye

10. Rinse. Put the yarn on the sink and rinse it!

base yarn suri alpaca hand dye

11. Til Clean. Keep on washing the yarn until the water is completely clean. Then wait until its dry again.

base yarn suri alpaca hand dye

12. Enjoy. Brag about it, show it to everyone. You have a 100% Suri alpaca luxury yarn with your unique design ready to be knitted.

base yarn suri alpaca hand dye


Hope this step-by-step guide helped you out! Enjoy our products and have lots of fun doing this at home!

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