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Alpacas and Llamas - What's the difference?

Hi everyone,

A lot of people asks us about the differences of an alpaca and a llama. So here they go:Β 

What's the difference between alpacas and llamas?
First of all, alpacas are smaller than llamas. The difference is big (around 10 inches). Their faces are also dissimilar. Alpacas have small faces with short ears while llamas have a more elongated faces and big ears.

Alpacas and llamas Sierra yarn blog
Then, we have the hair. Alpacas hair is super soft and the color vary greatly, from whites and light yellows to brown and black. The llamas hair is coarser and considered inferior.
Also, llamas tend to be more aggresive and they can be used to guard livestock. The alpacas are timid and like to stay with their herd. .
Hope everyone has a great weekend πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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