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Yarn types: Ribbons. What and Why?

Hi everyone!

Today we will be discussing the Ribbon-Type yarns. Some of the yarns of our latest collection have this quality and a lot of people have been asking us about this yarns since they've never knitted with them.

Pima Cotton Yarn


Ribbon type yarns are just like normal yarns and they get knitted exactly the same as the regular yarns. The process to make them this yarns take more time. We develop all of this yarns at our headquarters in Peru to get something unique.


Ribbon Green yarn sweater Sierra Yarns

The ribbon-type yarns main characteristic is that, as chainette yarns, they give volume to the garment without adding weight. So you can have a big light sweater or scarf. Of course, another reason to get one of this yarns is that the texture and final look of the garments are completely different to any regular or chainette yarn, they look really unique. In the picture above you can see the a project made with the Green Yarn

Hope you liked this blog and we encourage you to try new things for your knitting experience, if you dont like ribbons, we now have cotton fur-type yarns, stairs-type yarns and of course or chainettes :)



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