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Organic baby Blanket Brown
Brown Baby Blanket Boats
White organic baby Blanket
Organic baby Blanket Brown
Organic baby Blanket White
Organic baby Blanket Brown
Organic baby Blanket White
Organic baby Blanket White
Organic baby Blanket White
Organic baby Blanket White

Cotton Mini - 49in-35in Organic knitted Baby Blanket!

Cotton Mini
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We understand the importance of taking care of your baby skin and the earth they are growing up in.

Cotton Mini beautiful and luxuriously soft organic baby blanket with GOTS certificate.

White baby Blanket

We created this Beautiful blanket to keep your baby comfy, warm and happy, + we also want the Cotton Mini to be the natural shelter that will grow along with your baby as their first contact with nature. 

Let them feel the comfy and beautiful lands of natural cotton shaped as a super cloudy-soft blanket.

We know Cotton Mini is the most organic blanket not only because we make sure all our process is organic, but because we also refuse to waste thousands of litters of water into the dyeing process.

White baby Blanket

If we don't dye our products, Then... How can we get different colors?

We found out that Cotton grows naturaly in beautiful Shades of White, beige and brown. So why not using the wonders that nature gives us while, at the same time, protecting the environment where our kids will grow.

Why Organic Cotton Mini

Save hundreds of acres of land by not destroying them with chemicals.

Chemicals used in Both, the dyeing and the cotton growing process can be harmful for your baby skin, since babies absorb lots of nutrients from the things they get in contact with.

So when you get organic and natural products you are not only protecting the environment, you are also protecting your baby from skin allergies.

Cotton Mini organic Baby Blanket

We work hard to ensure you have a wonderful experience everytime you buy from us, from the moment you checkout till you see your baby growing up with their Cotton Mini blanket. 

This is why we pay special attention to every detail inside our products and to give you a great customer experience!

What comes inside:

  • 1x Cotton Mini baby Blanket


  • Hand Wash in cold water / Hang to dry / No iron


  • Measures: 49in x 35in
  • Color: Brown / White
  • Material: Organic Cotton
  • Pattern: Boats
  • Weight: 445gr
  • Gender: Unisex

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I had never imagined how soft this blanket was until I had it. The perfect blanked for my baby, I love it.

Very Soft

I already got mine and it feels really soft and comfortable, thanks.

Good quality, excellent service!

I had some doubts about the blanket before buying, but their customer service staff is very friendly and fast responding, they were eager to help me. I’m very happy with the blanket I got.

So beautiful!!!

This blanket is super soft and cozy, great quality!