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AMY Base Yarn 100% Baby Alpaca

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This Chainette Alpaca yarn is part of our new Luxury Collection READY-TO-DYE. This yarn is made of the finest Baby Alpaca.

This Chainette is very easy to knit, the construction of the yarn will give you an outstanding finish, so you´ll be able to knit even the easiest scarf and get a beautiful finished product helped by the texture and construction of the yarn, so you´ll feel unique with every project you make!

Let your creativity fly and give that uniqueness to any of your project with colors made by your own.

Hand Dye Instructions:
Learn How to Hand dye a yarn at home reading our Hand Dye Blogpost!

We give you the finest alpaca fiber, you have to turn it into the perfect yarn.

You´ll get a: 

   - 3.52oz (100gr) Base White Skein

   - 100% Baby Alpaca

Perfect to knit with Needles (6-8)

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