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COTTONE 100% Vegan

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Our COTTONE is a 100% Vegan Cotton, Hand spun and Natural Dyed yarn Which makes it one of the most eco-friendly made yarn you could get.

Perfect for quick and large projects - One ball knits up in 30-60 minutes

You won´t have to worry anymore about any alergies caused by the use of chemicals or pesticides that could remain in a non-organic yarn plus you give the earth all the support it needs in our fight against climate change!


  • Cottone yarn is 100% natural dye, hand spun, hand dye and vegan!
  • No more alergies caused by non-organic yarns
  • Made with extremely high quality fibers; You´ll love the touch of this yarn.
  • One ball of Cottone knits up in 30-60 minutes
  • 100% Made in PERU


Blend 100% Vegan Cotton Natural Dye
Craft Knitting, Crochet
Ball Weight 3.5oz, 100gr
Yarn Weight Super Chunky
Yarn Lenght 48Yds (43m)
Needles US 15 19 or 35 (10,15 or 19 mm) 
Care hand wash cold water / lay flat to dry 

Special Instructions:
It is ok to tumble dry garments made with this yarn - it will eliminate a lot of shedding - test by making a small swatch with leftover yarn and washing and drying it.

What can I do with this yarn?
This yarn is perfect for knitting a Beanie, a Scarf or even a blanket, anything you like! It is a year-round yarn that works perfectly on the warmer months.

Blanket Measurements and Skeins Needed (Using size 19 needle):
28'' x 34''  500g of Cottone
28'' x 40''  600g of Cottone
30'' x 50''  800g of Cottone

We give you the finest yarn, you just have to turn it into the perfect garment.

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