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Undyed Yarn 100 Baby Alpaca

MUHU Baby Alpaca / Lace

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This Muhu base yarn is part of our new Luxury collection. has an extra warmth from Alpaca this Lace weight yarn is amazing.  it has a much better touch and is less dense than Merino superwassh, while maintaining the same bright and crisp colours. Wonderful for anything from sweaters to accessories. This yarn dyes beautiful.

Let your creativity fly and give that uniqueness to a beautiful scarf, sweater or pair of socks with colors you wont´t find anywhere else but in your imagination

We give you the finest fiber, you have to turn it into the perfect yarn.

Weight: Lace

You´ll get a: 

   - 3.52oz (100gr) Base White Skein

   - 100% Baby Alpaca

   - 875 Yards (800 Meters)

Perfect to knit with Needles (2 mm - 1 US)

Hand Dye Instructions:
Learn How to Hand dye a yarn at home reading our Hand Dye Blogpost!

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