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Undyed Alpaca Yarn
Hand Dye Alpaca Yarn
Hand Dye Alpaca Yarn

FRIDA Baby Alpaca - Lurex / Aran

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Alpaca Undyed Yarn Yarn - This yarn is part of our new Luxury "READY-TO-DYE" Collection. Its made with our finest baby alpaca perfectly mixed with LUREX which gives an awesome detail to it.

This is very easy to knit, the construction of the yarn will give you an outstanding finish, so you´ll be able to knit even the easiest scarf and get a beautiful finished product helped by the texture and construction of the yarn, so you´ll feel unique with every project you make!

Let your creativity fly and give that uniqueness to a beautiful scarf, sweater or pair of socks with colors you wont´t find anywhere else but in your imagination. Lurex won´t dye so you´ll have an awesome finish perfectly sparkled!

We give you the finest alpaca fiber, you have to turn it into the perfect yarn.

You´ll get a: 

   - 3.52oz (100gr) Base White/Lurex Skein

   - 78% Baby Alpaca / 22% Lurex

Lurex won´t Dye, it keeps it´s original color and glow.

Perfect to knit with Needles (6-8)

Hand Dye Instructions:
Learn How to Hand dye a yarn at home reading our Hand Dye Blogpost!

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