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Hi everyone!

We are proud to announce Sierra Yarns and One Tree Planted are now partners. One Tree planted is a organization commited with the reforestation of the world and they share most of our values and our vision. Thanks to this, we will have a more transparent tree planting process for everyone to see and check.

Sierra yarns buy a yarn Plant a tree

Why is this important?

-Trees give us oxygen
-Store carbon
-They give life to the world's wildlife
-They give us shelter and provide us with materials for a lot of things

We are in a crisis with deforestation in the world, but luckily people are starting to understand we can't just go around and destroy everything in our way. We need to reverse this situation with hard work and help from everyone.

The U.S alone consumes 30% of the worlds paper production. Its not bad to consume paper but we need to somehow give back what we take.

Hope you all join us with this cause. Every yarn you buy will give the amazonas and the andes new trees!

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